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Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to be a diversity campaigner

By accident.

 I have always been an advocated for the underdog and love helping people. I work in mental well-being and disability for many years as a caregiver before getting engaged and discovering the wedding industry and how little representation there was for modern British women who are also black. What started off into a rant, turned into a multi-ward winning wedding websites, show and now my diversity and anti-racism campaigning and consultancy takes me to some very exciting places, people, businesses and international stages, including my first Tedx talk this year!  

What does a day in the life look like for you Nova?

It depends on what day.

It can be as dull as administration and editing or as exciting as getting on a plane to speak on stage about race or diversity or filming on TV set or on location like at Windsor castle for the royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Never a dull moment, well, except for tax returns and administration 

Why do you feel it is important for the wedding space to be more inclusive?

Well why wouldn't you want to be more inclusive? 

There are so many different types of couples getting married who are not adequately being catered let alone being represented. These couples deserve better. Aside from that, multicultural couples are the growing demographic of couples in the U.K. as well as couples in the same sex or LGBTQ community. If businesses are not catering to the growing demographic of couples coming through the door, not only are they failing to service couples, but they are losing revenue. Stagnant businesses are being left behind and that's already happening with former traditional and long-standing publications like Brides U.K. ceasing to exist 

What has been one of your biggest career challenges? How did you overcome it?

Institutionalised racism. 

I simply adjusted my gaze and focused my energy on helping and serving those who care about change and want to do better.

 I also created my own platform and found another way in by focusing on those who care about being part of the solution to a more inclusive world, let alone industry and to stop trying to change the hearts and minds of those who want to continue enabling racism and inequality

If you could give your 18-year-old self advice, what would it be?

You are more than enough and you deserve to be here

Which woman has made a significant impact in your life?

My mum and Oprah lol. 

Jewellery is often used to mark moment of the wearer's life which we love; whether it be a life event or special trip. Do you own any pieces of jewellery that are sentimental for you? 

There is no other jewellery that can beat the sentiments behind my wedding and engagement ring. A reminder of our commitment. Of the personal vows we wrote for each other. I am reminded of this every time I look at them and it reminds me I am loved, the vows we promised each other and the little miracle that is finding someone out of all of the interactions and billions of people in the world to be my soul mate. My husband is my biggest cheerleader and I couldn't do any of this without him 

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