We create contemporary demi-fine jewelry designed to be worn everyday.

Laura Adèle was created by London based Designer Maker, Laura Adèle Vanderslott. A combined love of beautiful objects and making things propelled Laura to start creating jewellery. Laura's passion is bringing joy to people through the pieces she creates.

Laura works with silver, gold and gold plated jewellery. All the jewellery is handmade in the UK at Laura's home studio and in London's Jewellery district in Hatton Garden & Birmingham. She combines modern and traditional metalwork techniques to lovingly create all her pieces.

 "I’m proud that the whole design and production takes place in our London workspace and is supported by local specialists in Hatton garden.” - Laura Adèle


Brand Values

The designs focus on everyday luxury. Jewellery that is timeless, clean and delicate, tiny but tough!

Ethics & Sustainability
It's of huge importance to use quality materials that are honestly priced to be affordable. We try our best to take choices that protect our planet and people who are involved with the brand.

We oversee every stage in the production either in our studio or through one of our partner workshops. We are in close contact with our UK suppliers so that we can ensure that both the environment and each person involved is treated respectfully and fairly.  By producing a small inventory and made to order, we do not keep excess stock, ensuring minimal waste. 

Our Jewellery Materials
We use eco-friendly materials wherever possible. Most of our jewellery is made from 90% recycled precious metal. Most of our diamonds are sourced from Canada which are mined in the strictest regulations to protect the environment, labor involved and traceability. All of our diamonds coming only from companies that adhere to the Kimberley Process. Our packaging and postcards are made from at least 70% recycled content.

The Future
We're able to offer Fairtrade gold for bespoke pieces. But we are really striving to do better and we would like to become even more ethical and sustainable.