Product Care


Our jewellery is carefully handmade from a variety of materials including:

Sterling Silver

Oxidised Sterling Silver - black finish

Gold filled - solid gold bonded to base metal

Gold Vermeil - 18ct gold plated sterling silver

Precious and semi-precious stones

Daily routines

Please treat your piece of jewellery with care to ensure a long life. For maximum protection, jewellery should be stored in its original box. We strongly recommend that all jewellery is removed before sleeping, swimming or showering and take great care not to spray or coat with perfume, lotions, cosmetics or household cleaners as this can affect the colour of precious metals especially if plated.

Plated items

Plated items will wear over time but we do provide an affordable re-plating service. Please contact us for further information.


Cleaning gold regularly will maintain its beauty and patina. We recommend polishing with a soft, lint free cloth to maintain gold's original shine. Always avoid using any abrasive jewellery cleaners that may contain damaging chemicals or polishing agents.